16TB: My First Drobo

Digital video production is a constantly evolving process: increased resolutions, higher frame rates, and greater color depth can add tremendous opportunities for flexibility in post, but these significant benefits place serious demands in any post-production environment, particularly on lower-budget shoots.

Having recently moved into an ‘experimental’ phase of 4K production (motivated primarily by local productions using the Blackmagic Production Camera 4K), I found my RAID storage array (a cluttered collection of external USB 2.0 drives networked through a Mac Mini) to be woefully underpowered, delivering a meager 40MB/s to my various devices, though providing the crucial level of dual redundancy (meaning a single drive can fail, and a backup exists in its place) necessary to maintain peace of mind in a digital world. read more

A Month on Google Fiber

If you’re a resident of Provo, UT, chances are you’ve seen these rainbow-rabbit Google Fiber trucks scurrying about for the past several weeks- and I couldn’t be more glad for their presence.

fiber truck fleet

At long last, Google Fiber has expanded their ultra-high-speed internet service to Provo! Compared to other services like DSL (via telephone wire), Cable, or satellite, Google Fiber utilizes a fiber-optic network for data and television transfer, and it just so happens that Provo already had one (more-or-less) installed, cutting down on the extensive retrofitting requirements that other cities would demand. read more

A manifesto, of sorts.


Eager to lend my voice to the online community, I registered brettbird.net before the start of my college career back in ’07 (since brettbird.com was nabbed by my doppelgänger in Missouri two years prior)- but since then, Netflix expanded into a streaming service, I spent two years in New York, several amazing software titles were released… and now it’s 2014.

While a fancy email address from your own domain looks great on a resume, a six-year-old website devoid of content is an absolute waste of $40/yr hosting. read more