A manifesto, of sorts.


Eager to lend my voice to the online community, I registered brettbird.net before the start of my college career back in ’07 (since brettbird.com was nabbed by my doppelgänger in Missouri two years prior)- but since then, Netflix expanded into a streaming service, I spent two years in New York, several amazing software titles were released… and now it’s 2014.

While a fancy email address from your own domain looks great on a resume, a six-year-old website devoid of content is an absolute waste of $40/yr hosting.

Procrastination is easily one of humanity’s deadliest plagues- it slowly saps you of your potential, and keeps too many awesome projects from seeing the light of day; on my ‘Scale of Awful Things’, procrastination is currently tied with bad online grammar and ‘The Last Airbender‘.

Having finally got off my butt and on to this site, I aim to offer a mix of technical and artistic insight, sprinkled with all sorts of useful, amusing and unrelated links (because it’s the internet. What else is there?) I’ve mainly used my Facebook wall as a posting board for briefly annotating technological milestones, but would rather offer in-depth perspective on more important developments.

Filmmaking, gaming, writing, music, weird foods- I can promise diversity, though not always simplicity, as most everything complex eventually intersects at a point of value.

It finally starts now.


Random musings are banished to my twitter account-